Bringing Grass Roots Football to the Community

Thackley AFC Buster

We are replacing our current F.A. Cup draw with a new "Buster" based on our very own N.C.E.L League with teams selected from both the premier and first division.

Principals of the game are each participant (Sponsor) pays £2.00 per week, Per Team (Which are randomly Drawn). The first team to score 11 goals without going over (Bust) will be paid out the cumulative winnings collected over the previous weeks, as the winner is drawn, the Team with the lowest score will also be paid a nominal dividend so in effect there is an opportunity for 2 winners each week.


  • All teams are randomly selected for each sponsor at the start of the competition by our elected competition co-ordinator.
  • As there are only 44 teams available, each sponsor is limited to a maximum of two teams. But remember if you want to join in you better be quick.
  • "Phase": During the course of the competition, once the target of 11 goals is reached and scores are reset this will be refered to as a "Phase" in the competition.
  • All Sponsors are required to pay £2.00 a week for each team they sponsor.
  • Accumulator: As it is not expected teams will be scoring 11 goals every week all sponsorship will be collected and held until a team reaches the target of 11 goals.
  • The results for each Team are only taken from Weekend Matches, Including: Cup, County Cup, F.A. Cup, F.A. Vase and any other official related Matches.
  • If for any reason your Team does Not play during that weekend your team is automatically awarded 2 Goals.
  • If multiple teams reach 11 goals on the same weekend the prize money will be divided equally among the winning sponsors (the same will apply to the lowest scoring teams too).
  • Sponsors are required to pay at least one week in advance every week for their team(s)
  • Once a team has reached the target of 11 goals all team goals will be reset to 0 and the sponsor will move up one team, to give everyone a fair shake at winning the pot.
  • Bust: If your team has exceeded the target of 11 goals during a "phase" you are still expected to pay your sponsorship.
  • Forfeiture: Any sponsor found to be more than 2 weeks in arrears will forfeit the right to claim their prize unless previously discussed with the competition co-ordinator.
  • Forfeited Winnings: The forfeited winnings will be rolled over into the next (phase) accumulator.
  • Cancellations: If you choose that you no longer wish to be a sponsor, you will be required to give the competition co-ordinator a minimum of 2 weeks notice.
  • Ethics of the competition: Primarily this competition is designed to help raise funds for our football club but also reward those taking part in a game of chance, primarily dictated by the teams selected and their performance within the league.
  • Prizes: For each week that the competition runs the winning team will receive £30.00 and the lowest scoring team £10.00. As this is an accumulator based competition the prize will be multiplied by the number of weeks that each "phase" runs until a team reaches the target and the "Phase" is reset.
  • Example: On average we expect each "Phase" to run over 4 Weeks, so the winner is expected to receive £120 (which if there are multiple winners this will be shared among the winning sponsors) and for the lowest scoring team they will receive £40 respectively (and as before this will be shared if there are multiple teams).
  • Notification of Winners: A poster will be placed on the notification board within the entrance way of the club house and will be updated each weekend by our competition co-ordinator, where you can monitor the progress of your sponsored team. There will also be a live version available at the top of this page once the competition progresses.
  • As the Elected competition co-ordinator (Mr Eddie Williams) is directly in charge of the competition and as such any and all decisions relating to this competition are at his sole discretion. The Football Club, It's Committee and it's Members bare no influence over the competion in any respect or any decisions made by our elected co-ordinator.

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